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1 Every player is only allowed to have one Tycoon World account per server. We reserve ourselves the right of deleting multiple accounts per server. Therefore your IP will be saved on every login. See also 4.

2 Using other peoples account in any manner is forbidden.

3 Tycoon World is free. There is no legal claim on an account.

4a Playing with more than one account with the same IP is forbidden. Exceptions are possible and must be announced to a supporter.

4b Announced duplicated IP-Players commit themselves for having no trade within the announced accounts. Otherwise all involved accounts will be deleted. Especially ignoring the informationsystem in our trade-section, telling players the usage of same IPs.

5 Every player commits that he will play active and only plays for him/herself. If an account is used to push other in any manner all involved accounts will be deleted.

6 All players, who do not log in with their account in one period of 480 hours (after the registration 7 hours), will be deleted.

7 All interactions within the game have to be done by the player as human. External tools or scripts acting in the game are forbidden. Concerned accounts will be deleted.

8 We reserve ourselves the right to delete each time and without indication of reasons to delete an account or changing data of it. That applies in particular to accounts with not desired or repulsive company names. Also URLs in the company name are forbidden, only authorized exceptions are permitted.

9 Every player commits that he must not give his/her account-data to others.

10 We do not take over adhesion for damage of any kind, which can occur during the use of Tycoon World.

11 Each player is responsible for its forum posts and its player profile.We take no responsibility for these data and dissociate ourselves from these.

12 We reserve ourselves the right to be able to take the game at any time and without giving a reason from the net.

13 Every player can delete its account at any time. We commit ourselves to destroy all personal data of the players after a deletion. Your firm name and positioning on our highscore system won't be deleted.

14 We commit ourselves to do not provide player data to third party.

15 If a player should find a bug (error) and use this for his advantage, the account will be deleted without preliminary warning. Bugs are to be announced immediately to an Admin or a moderator.

16 We cannot guarantee the smooth operational sequence of the game. For lost accounts or data we do not take over adhesion. We are anxious that problems of that kind will not happen.

17 We reserve ourselves the right, to punish any abuse which is not handled within the rules in own discretion.

18 It's not allowed to trade cross-server. Offences will result in deleting your account.

19 Selling and rebuying of products of same type (so called "Trade-Loop") is not allowed. Infringement will be treated as offence against 5.

20 Selling products, using a reseller, who is not capable of selling this product in his own shops because of insufficient research level and reselling it to other players, is not allowed. Will be treated as offence against 5.

21 Exclusive supplying of only one player is prohibited. Infringement will be treated as offence against 5.

22 These rules are constantly extended and supplemented. If one of these rules is getting invalid, others still are valid.

Last update: 11/12/2004