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Tycoon World has a plenty of exciting features, as follows:

The World

  • Every hour on the hour, one month of the game passes. At that point in time, all data is recalculated resp. it's time to produce and to sell.
  • All companies whose owners didn't show up since 10 days will be deleted.
  • All messages will be deleted after 7 days maximum.
  • Every 3 months, a new round starts. All companies will be moved back to 0 (zero) and the game starts from the beginning. But all achieved product qualities will be taken over into the new round.

Production, Selling and Construction

  • Construction of buildings takes place on a map generated by you.
  • Construction limit of 100 buildings currently.
  • 38 different buildings may be built and 137 products sold.
  • All buildings may be administrated by own categories.
  • The production-log shows details concerning production, consumption and overproduction.
  • Production may be increased, decreased or put out of operation at any time.
  • Sales prices in shops may be fixed unrestrained.
  • Complex sowing/harvest-sytem of farms. Harvest once a year.

Supply and Demand

  • The better the price/quality-ratio of your goods, the higher the market share and thus more sales than competitors.
  • The "SUDE" (supply and demand) may be viewed at any time, moreover it shows your current market share.
  • Demand for products changes quarterly. Winter clothes are best sold in winter. Garden furniture better in summer, of course.


  • 50 research levels for many exciting industry branches.
  • Research concerning goods with 100 quality levels per product.


  • Activities may be extended up to 10 times to increase production.
  • Shops may be extended 10 times to achieve maximum sales.


  • Goods may be sold at a public market. A direct trade with other companies is also possible.

Warehouse Administration

  • Three different types of warehouses (raw materials, products and entrepot.)
  • Goods may be moved between raw materials warehouse and products warehouse without restrictions.
  • Warehouses may be extended to increase capacity.


  • An overview on the latest 12 month gives insight into the financial situation.


  • Four different highscores in total.
  • Including a perennial highscore of best companies (will be continued after a world reset).


  • Private message system for fast communication.


  • Own profile, may be viewed by other players at your own request.
  • A logo for your company may be uploaded, visible in the profile.
  • Button for your own homepage showing the current rank in highscore.
  • Graphic package downloadable for faster display of pages.
  • Accounts may be deleted or reset at any time.